Professional Translation Services

Welcome to Translation Empire! We have over 15 years’ experience in translating legal, medical, mental health, NHS and local authority related translation projects. All our completed translation projects conform to the BSEN15038 British/European Standard Applying to the Quality of Translation.


Our Public Sector and Private Sector translation services have allowed us to work with customers from an individual basis to international organisations. Every customer is important to us and we make sure that we are one of the most competitive translation companies in the market.

Whatever your need, we can translate it into languages and dialects of your choice. So below some of the common things which require translation. If you need translation for any of these services, please get in touch today for a free quote.

  • Medical Document Translation

    Our medical translation expertise caters for a wide range of areas such as biotechnology, neurosurgery, dentistry and veterinary.

  • Website Translation

    The best way to approach your website visitors in multiple locations is to professionally translate your website in the language/dialect you need.

  • Legal Document Translation

    We have a team of professional legal translators with a solid industry experience and a deep understanding of legal language and specific terminologies.

  • Financial Document Translation

    We translate a wide range of financial documents including financial statements, credit reports, profit and loss reports, annual reports and investments documents.

  • Braille, Moon, Easy Read Translation

    Catering for a number of impairments, we ensure our translations anticipate the needs of the reader whether it is a disability or difficulty.

  • Marketing and Advertising Translation

    We have a team of professional legal translators with a solid industry experience and a deep understanding of legal language and specific terminologies.

  • Audio Transcription

    We can provide alternative formats for people with visual impairments such as in CD, MP3, tapes. We maintain a logical structure throughout.

  • Speech to Text, Dubbing, Voice-Over, and more

    There are numerous uses for professional translation services. Please visit our Translation page for more detailed information



Dedicated Account Managers

Your translation services are looked after by your own project manager, who has a masters degree in translation studies. Their experience makes them the most qualified person to bridge the gap between you and your dedicated team of translators.

Specialist Translators

All translators working on your project are always specialists in the subject matter of the job. Often our translators will have worked in the subject area before becoming a translator. For example, a biochemist may have retrained to become a translator of biomedical texts into their native language.

Handpicked For Excellence

Translation Empire has a thorough vetting process which ensures that only the most qualified, experienced and professional translators make it onto our books.

Consistent Translations

Where appropriate, all translations placed with Translation Empire are completed using specialist translation memory software. This creates a memory bank which is then applied to ensure consistency throughout the translation project. For translations that are regular or ongoing, Translation Empire aims to use the same translator for every job. This ensures that style and consistency are maintained across all translations.

Discounts For Volume & repetition

Translation Empire uses translation memory software to analyse your text so that you pay less for any regularly repeated segments of text. Discounts based on the volume of text are available for translation services carried out of 25,000 words or more.


Its a known fact that the world today is an ever-increasingly busy place. We understand the needs of our customers to have a quick, simple, and easy way to access our translation services. Here is our 4 step process to getting your services quickly and easily

Complete the form

Once you complete the form on our Get A Quote page, one of our experts will look through your requirements and build you a quote.

Review the quote

Once we have built the quote, we will send it you and you can review it properly to see if it fits in with your needs. We can assure you that our quotes are competitive, but if you can find a cheaper quote elsewhere, please contact us so we can see how we can match or even beat it.

Make payment

The next step in the process is for you to make payment. Once payment is made, we can go ahead and get the translation completed. Once it is done, we will check it again to confirm its quality standard and then send you the translation as a document.


Finally, once the translation is approved by you, we will complete the booking and sign it off. Your booking information is logged on our secure system and this makes it easier for any future bookings that you may have.

Are you ready to get a quote?

We can provide our translation and related services in over 300 languages including rare language dialects. Get a quote today from our specialist team.